The Essentials of Beef – The Basics

What is a Beef Jerky

Beef jerky can either be homemade or purchased. One would need to get rid of all fat from the meat where he or she is making meat jerky at home. Beef jerky is mainly made of shreds of meat which are then dried to make them not to spoil. Beef is the most common source of meat jerkies. When making a meat jerky, you can use buffalo, chicken, beef, alligator, turkey or any other type of meat. The process of making a good jerky calls for the selection of a lean cut of beef which should then be stripped off the fat. A sharp knife ought to be a necessity in ensuring that you trim off the fat. After you have the beef trimmed, you would need to slice it. After making sure that there is no fat, you would need to cut your already cuts into halves or quarters. It would be essential to cut the shreds long and thin. You would also need to make sure that you freeze the meat enough with the intention of making cutting of thin slices easier. It is essential to ensure that the meat does not end up freezing.

You would then need to wrap the meat in plastic wrap and put the meat in the freezer. You would then slice the beef into strips which should be about three to seven millimeters thick. You may also need to ensure flavoring as well. You would then need to soak the meat into a large ziplock bag and pour in marinade. You would then need to have them in the fridge for about four to 24 hours. You would need to note that the longer you marinate, the higher the chances that the jerky will be tender and flavorsome. You would then need to use the dehydrator to dry out the meat.

It is essential to know that there are some professionals in the current meat industry who have specialized in selling the best jerkies. One would need to have a moist bite which should be accompanies by a succulent look. One would definitely need to experience the tenderness of the best beef jerky in the world by just shipping from the right sellers.

Before shipping beef jerkies, it is essential for one to make sure that he or she figures out the best seller in the market. Al you would need to focus on is figuring out the best of beef jerkies. In a case where you are a seller it would be modest for you to make sure that you identify a seller who sells in wholesale and ships the beef jerkies to one’s destination. It would be easy for one to offer his or her customers the best beef jerky where he or she takes time to source the jerkies.

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