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A Rainwater tank is a safe and convenient way to solve water shortages and minimize your water bills. The climate change is becoming obvious and therefore it is imperative for us to learn very well how to conserve water. For many households aiming to become sustainable, rainwater harvesting should be of ultimate consideration. Many families used to conserve water as a backup during the dry seasons, in the olden days. Today, water conservation is not a backup anymore, the whole world has recognized the importance of water conservation due to the effect of climate change threats and therefore rainwater tanks and pumps are on high demand.

The rainwater tank serves several purposes including water storage for ; fire brigades, drinking water, car wash, farming as well as source of income to the business selling them. They come in different sizes and shapes: round water tanks, Slimline water tanks, under deck water tanks, underground water tanks, molasses and chemical tanks. Key factors determining the sizes of the tanks are as follows: rain pattern, water usage supply, area of the water collection roof, security of water you need and ultimately your financial budget. The prices of different makes of tanks, sizes, and shapes are different. plastics, fiberglass, concrete and steel materials are commonly used to make tanks.

Round, above-ground rainwater tanks are prefabricated per litre of volume are the cheapest type. slimline tank are installed depending on the location of water collection; at the side of house wall or at the fence line. Underground tanks have greater catchment potential than other tanks and saves lots of space. underground tank has the same cost as that of slimline tanks, It is important have a water pump in case the tank is underground to pump water to the car wash, your house or your garden.

Most the companies sell tanks and pumps in one roof so you do not need to struggle looking in different shops. The installation is done by a different person other than the company selling them, but they can always connect you to a suitable plumber to do it for you. Though, a few accomplished shops do provide the installation and transportation services to their customers, it usually at cost.
Owning a rainwater tank and water pump will aid in saving the climate and mitigating the effects of water shortage and economically save your water bills. Purchasing water tank to conserve rainwater, is saving the natural resources s from depletion!

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