What a QCF Assessor Does

In today’s times, technology has made it more difficult for people to get a job or career without some sort of advanced training. Getting started in a career most always require a person to have a college degree, or a vocational certificate of some kind. There are people who help others get certified in vocational training. The job calls for a qualifications and credit framework assessor or a qcf assessor.

What the Requirements are for the Assessor

Whatever area the assessor plans to assess will require work experience in that area and a Level 3 qualification. This qualification entails the assessor having enough work experience to assess a person’s level of competency in the work field. It also includes the assessor being able to accurately state when a person has done enough in the vocational training to be certified with the achievement. Such an assessor must at least meet these requirements and possibly more, depending on the skill level he or she wants to assess.

Additional Skills that are Required

The person who wants to become an assessor should have the ability to get people motivated in the field he or she is assessing. Without the proper motivation, those being trained may fail to successfully complete the training. The assessor should also have excellent skills of communication. Effective communication is a must for the trainees to understand the field in which they are training.

The Assessor’s Usual Work Pattern

The assessor will usually work 35 to 40 hours a week, and may be required to work different shifts to accommodate the training and assessing needs of the various employees. In the business of doing assessing, the assessor will be required to travel to the different work sites and stations of employers. Most of the times, the assessors work with the employer’s training department or staff.

A Health and Social Care Assessor

For those assessors who want to assess in the health care and social work sector, they will need to have the qualifications to work in those fields, of course. There is one such program in the United Kingdom that offers the apprenticeship and qualification training for those type of assessors. More information about this can be found at the following website, http://www.cityandguilds.com/qualifications-and-apprenticeships/health-and-social-care/care/4222-health-and-social-care#tab=info.