Are You Interested In Improving Your Smile?

Many individuals aren’t born with or don’t have the beautiful smile they’d like. With the help of cosmetic dental services, an individual can enjoy a beautiful smile that will increase their confidence and enhance their appearance. A beautiful smile is a great way to greet friends, family, business associates, and customers with confidence.

There are many cosmetic dental treatments that are non-invasive and eliminate discoloration, chips, spaces, and oddly shaped teeth. There will never be a reason for an individual to hide their mouth when they’re eating, smiling, or talking after cosmetic dental treatment has been performed.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth often become darker due to age, illness, injury, smoking, and eating certain foods like beets, coffee, cola, or tea. A cosmetic dentist whitens an individual’s teeth in an hour. The solution that is used is highly-concentrated and a patient’s lips will be protected during the process.


If an individual is suffering from cracks or chips in their teeth, gaps, misalignments, or severe discoloration, veneers provide the improvement they need. Veneers are a thin and durable piece of porcelain that are attached to the front of a tooth. An individual can have a complete makeover of their teeth in just a few weeks.

Dental Bonding

Teeth that are irregularly-shaped, gaps, broken, or chipped benefit from dental bonding. This type of cosmetic treatment is economical and requires the surface of a tooth to be etched and resin added to fix the shape of a tooth. The resin will be hardened with a special light and additional resin will be added until the tooth is the right size and shape.

Dental Implants

When a tooth or several teeth are missing, it can cause the remaining teeth to shift and increase the chances of the jawbone deteriorating. A dental implant is a permanent solution to missing teeth. This type of dental procedure requires two to three visits to complete, and an implant will look exactly like the other teeth.

If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your smile and looking younger, a cosmetic dentist can help. For more information, please visit Julio C. Rosado DDS.