Natural Supplements for Low Testosterone

Tongkat Ali extract comes from a native Southeastern Asian plant and is used to naturally stimulate the body’s production of testosterone. Taken as a supplement in pill or powder form, the extract is an alternative to conventional medication for those suffering from low testosterone levels. As the male body ages past thirty, its levels of the hormone gradually decline. Lower levels of testosterone become noticeable with symptoms such as diminished sex drive, low energy levels, depression, erectile dysfunction, and a loss of muscle tone.

Who Should Take It?

Although females also produce testosterone, their bodies are supposed to produce lower levels in proportion to their dominant sex hormones of estrogen and progesterone. As women age, they can sometimes experience hormonal imbalance problems where their testosterone levels are too high. Symptoms such as male pattern baldness, increased facial and body hair, acne, and abdominal weight gain can emerge. This makes them inappropriate candidates for supplements that increase testosterone, as the goal is to often keep it lower. Aging males or males with abnormally low levels of the hormone are prime candidates.


Although it is generally safe to take the extract, you’ll want to exercise some degree of caution. Be sure to only purchase HPLC standardized extract, as some cheaper, ineffective alternatives are sold. You’ll also want to consult with your doctor prior to taking the supplement, as hormonal replacement therapy may be better for your situation. If you have a chronic illness or allergies, it is especially important to let your doctor know you are considering the supplement. You’ll also want to ensure you’re taking the recommended amount in order to restore your testosterone levels to normal, as raising those levels above normal can produce adverse side effects.

Natural supplements can be a great alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapies, particularly for those who shy away from conventional medications. Males who wish to combat some of the less pleasant side effects of lower testosterone levels are the best candidates for supplements that naturally increase testosterone. It is always wise to inform a doctor of the desire to take natural supplements, as those with chronic illnesses and allergies may not be able to take certain supplements or may need to be monitored closely.